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A personalized advisory service that is provided to the investor according to his portfolio. Our in-depth knowledge of Forex and the market allows us to support the investor with the necessary information.

Our hotline allows the client to seek valuable advice and make the most of every great investment opportunity.


Our team of experts research all investment segments and deliver timely, decisive reports that empower our clients to grow their portfolios and achieve their investment goals.

We only pay ourselves if you generate profits!

Join us as we redefine Forex


Best online brokers

The first thing to do to get started in Forex is to find a reliable and well regulated online broker. There are a number to choose from. Thanks to our experience, we recommend the best brokers on the market.

Risk control

To make informed trading decisions and become a successful forex trader, you need to familiarize yourself with the various risks associated with currency trading.

We will therefore present the main risks of forex trading:

  • Interest rate risk,
  • Country risk,
  • Counterparty risk,
  • Risk of leverage,
  • Transaction risks
Tips and Strategies

In fact, there is no better forex strategy. However, be aware that the most complicated strategies are rarely the most effective. Indeed, it is better to build your trading method on the basis of simple and proven principles, rather than to multiply indicators to the extreme.

We’re here to help!


As you want

Trade forex whenever you want
The forex market is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. It is therefore easy to conduct a business during the day, and switch to forex trading in the evening as a supplement to income. Full-time freelance traders can also organize their day as they see fit, for example by trading very early in the morning to have all the afternoon free.


The currency market is the largest market in terms of volumes traded in the world, and offers deep liquidity. This makes it easy to open and close positions. This avoids problems such as delays in placing orders, or “sliping”, when the price differs between the time you place an order and when it hits the market. Even when the forex movements are very violent, transactions are mostly instantaneous.

Personalized support

After studying the specifics and advantages of forex, having shown you in detail how to open a forex position, and having introduced you to the different trading styles you can choose from, it is time to take action!

We therefore suggest that you train yourself in the application of 5 forex trading strategies, so that you can get your start in the currency markets with an arsenal ready to be used.

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